Prizes and Member Benefits

Member Benefits:
· 10% Off From PPM Racing Products for Online Orders
· Special Discounts if you call Jim Norman at Hendrick’s City Chevrolet and mention you race with the series.

Points Prizes:
· Rookie of the Year: 50% off a New Bare Chassis from Warrior Race Cars and a $500 Gift Certificate for Terror Brand Parts
· Rookie of the Year: 50% off a Custom Fire Suit from K1 RaceGear
· 4 HyperCo Springs to the Hard Charger of the Year worth a total of $400
· Random drawing for members who completed 75% of the races. Winner will get a MD3 combo kit. 
· 4 American Racer Tires to the Champion
· $1,000 Off a New Chassis from TNT Race Cars for the 5th, 9th, and 13th Place Finishers in the Points (Must finish in good standing with 75% of races ran to earn this. Prize may be moved if a position doesn’t have a driver with 75% of the races completed)
· Fast Shafts: 5th Place Finisher will receive a drive shaft.
· Random Top 10 Finisher in Good Standing will win a Willy’s Carburetor with Super Bowls.

Race Prizes:
· 1 Hyperco Spring to the hard charger at each event worth $100.
· $50 Gift Certificate to the 13th place finisher of every event off of the Warrior 1G Shock Service
· Earl Ramey Racing Engines Fast Time Award $100
Terror Race Cars Last Place Finisher- $100 off a new body (may combine up to six certificates)
· Five Star will be providing us with Fast Time and Feature Winner decals for the winner of each of those awards at each race to display on their cars!
CVR will provide a $100 certificate to the highest finishing CVR provided the CVR sticker is visible on the halo bar.
· ATC will provide a Bolt Kit to each B-Main Bandit

Trade Show 53:
·  MD3 Combo Kit to the 2nd place finisher