Prizes and Member Benefits

Member Benefits:
· 10% Off From PPM Racing Products for Online Orders
· Special Discounts if you call Jim Norman at Hendrick’s City Chevrolet and mention you race with the series.

Points Prizes:
· Rookie of the Year: 50% off a New Bare Chassis Terror Race Car and a $500 Gift Certificate for Terror Brand Parts
· Rookie of the Year: 50% off a Custom Fire Suit
· 4 Swift Springs to the Champion worth a total of $400
· 4 American Racer Tires to the Champion
· $1,000 Off a New Chassis from TNT Race Cars for the 5th, 9th, and 13th Place Finishers in the Points (Must finish in good standing with 75% of races ran to earn this. Prize may be moved if a position doesn’t have a driver with 7% of the races completed)
· Fast Shafts: 5th Place Finisher will receive a drive shaft.
· Random Top 10 Finisher in Good Standing will win a Willy’s Carburetor with Super Bowls.
· Quick Car 61-7026 Gages to the Champion and 6th place points finisher.
· Certificiate for free Ahlsome Designs Helmet Wrap to 7th Place Points Finish and $100 Helmet Wrap Certificate for 11th and 13th place Points Finishers. (Must have 75% of races to earn this prize, may be moved to a position with a driver who has 75% of races at seasons end.)

Race Prizes:
· 1 Swift Spring to a random top 10 Finisher at each event worth $100.
· $50 Gift Certificate to the 13th place finisher of every event off of the Warrior 1G Shock Service
· Eagle Race Engines Fast Time Award $100
· Ahlsome Design Concepts Quick 6 Dash Winner- $50 and $50 Product Certificate
· $100 Bonus to a driver who wins running Pro Fabrication Headers with the Pro Fabrication Decal on the car.
· Barger Technologies 4th Place Dash Finisher- $50

Trade Show 53:
· 8th Place Finisher Gets a Set of Strange Oval Axels